We want your words to reach the hearts and minds of your conversation partners.

Simultaneous interpreting makes this possible.

The easymeeting team works with passion and enthusiasm. These qualities are expressed as much in the outstanding quality of our work as they are in our dealings with customers. We want to offer you something special:

partner in crime, mouthpiece, source of ideas, mechanic, breath of fresh air, partner, joker, service provider, mentor, guardian angel, master of ceremonies, adviser, keeper of secrets, planner, pick-me-up, fire service, sparring partner, personal organiser, problem solver, expert – we’re all these things and more.

What’s important to us?

Each customer is assigned a personal point of contact for their needs. Planners, interpreters and technicians work closely together and are kept informed about all the company’s processes.

Sustainability and Ecology

We strive to work in a sustainable and resource-friendly manner. For us, that means the following:

  • Our work is almost exclusively digital – we use paper only in exceptional situations.
  • If we absolutely must print something out, we use recycled paper.
  • All of our forms are produced in a CO2 neutral fashion.
  • Our image folder can be composted. It is produced using a cradle-to-cradle process and is free from toxic substances.
  • All our receivers are fitted with rechargeable batteries.

For something a little bit different…

... why not try our colourful booths? They’ve already transformed a multitude of meeting rooms into something special.