Multilingualism for Your European Works Council Meeting

We work with more than 25 languages across Europe.

Our European Works Council team – made up of skilled technicians and interpreters –attends meetings in the farthest-flung corners of Europe. What’s more, easymeeting is part of a European equipment rental network – which means we know where to find well-maintained interpretation equipment for a fair price, even when we’re working away from home.

For you, working with easymeeting means no more stress due to unfamiliar meeting locations.



The basis for the meeting

What we provide:

  • Simultaneous interpreters, experienced in labour legislation, for all EU and Eastern European languages
  • Conference microphones for one or two delegates, as needed
  • Hygienically sealed headphones
  • Designer booths and a complete array of technical interpretation equipment
  • Chef d'equipe to coordinate your interpreting team on location
  • Your own personal planning assistant
  • All travel-related bookings (flights, transfers, overnight accommodation)
  • Inspection of the meeting room
  • A technical team with European Works Council experience
  • Assembly, disassembly and transport of equipment

Administrative Equipment+Transcription

Abschrift und Büro

Essentials and review of the meeting

What we provide:

  • Laserprinter
  • Copier A3/A4
  • Notebook
  • Projector+Screen
  • Audio recording of the meeting
  • MP3 recording on SD card
  • Transcript of the recording as a Word document
  • Translation of the transcript
  • Translation of minutes

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