How to Recognise Quality

Weighing up price and value.

If you’re searching for the cheapest quote, we’re afraid you’ve come to the wrong place. Since, like you, we want to be able to sleep easy before an event, we reward our technicians fairly, we refrain from travelling with overloaded vans and we don’t source unknown interpreters from the internet.

If a good price-performance ratio is top of your list, the following rules of thumb might help you make up your mind:

  • Do you feel that your needs are being seen to attentively? Do you understand the offer?
  • Do you feel well-informed about the processes and timing?
  • Are your additional inquiries and change requests dealt with quickly and straightforwardly? Have you received a brief CV for the interpreters you’re going to work with?
  • Were you offered a free inspection of your event location? Has the set-up been planned for the previous day?

If you can answer all these questions with “yes”, you’re in good hands. If not, give us a call on +43 (1) 406 07 60. We’ll be happy to look after you!

Processes and Timing

Make time pressure a thing of the past.

When it comes to planning an event, interpreting is seldom your most pressing consideration. Why not make it easy and arrange it from your desk? We’ll send you a quote within 24 hours, and as soon as you’ve decided to work with us, you can cross the topic off your list. We’ll take care of everything from thereon in.

The detailed roadmap looks like this:

  • After 24 hours: You’ll receive an offer and have a 2-week period to consider it
  • 6 weeks before: Book now to ensure you get the best interpreter for the job
  • 3 weeks before: Inspection of your event location. This will be done in collaboration with you and, where possible, with anyone else involved in the planning
  • 1 week before: Send useful or important documents for interpreters to read
  • 3 days before: Final discussions with our planning team
  • 1 day before: Our technical team assembles and tests the equipment
  • 1 hour before: The technician arrives on site
  • ½ hour before: The team of interpreters arrives on site


To avoid nasty surprises during set-up and assembly, we offer free inspections of event locations. We want to know your vision for the event. Make the most of this useful service!

If you are working with multiple specialist providers (video and sound specialists, events agencies), we recommend that you invite them to attend the inspection. While some technical details are inconsequential, others might prove incompatible with an arrangement you already have in place. If all providers are present, the relevant technicians can discuss this directly.

Try to have a representative from the building’s management team attend. Particularly in hotels, some ports and connections can be very sneakily hidden.

A good time to hold the inspection is two to three weeks before the event. If you are planning a world congress, we prefer to see the premises even earlier.


With well-trained technicians, you’re already halfway to success.

Our technicians are responsible for setting up interpretation systems and equipment in a diligent and timely manner, for guaranteeing that equipment does what it’s supposed to during the event, and for ensuring that interpreters have the best possible working conditions. Naturally, they’re also responsible for making sure you’re looked after and serving as a point of contact for all your questions and needs.

Our technicians are highly trained and attend regular internal education and training sessions. As well as being up-to-date with cutting-edge technical developments, they’re also exceptionally charming, friendly and dependable young men.

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