We are a team of enthusiasts.

Each of our members does the thing they like to do best – and are best at doing!

The easymeeting team works with passion and enthusiasm. Each customer is assigned a personal point of contact for their needs. Planners, interpreters and technicians work closely together and are kept informed about all of the company’s processes.

Who’s in the office?


Barbara Gliber
Planner, Mistress of Ceremonies

Barbara will be by your side from your first request to the big event. She’ll plan everything down to the minute and mobilise all forces for Plan B in the event of last-minute changes.

Contact: b.gliber[at]easymeeting.at

+43 (1) 406 07 60-23


Katharina Reichert
Planner, Joker

Katharina will attend to your needs with wit and charm. You can depend on her to put together the right team for your event.

Contact: k.reichert[at]easymeeting.at

+43 (1) 406 07 60-24



Angelika Buchner
Founder of easymeeting, Sparring Partner

Pulls the strings behind the scenes. Is responsible for networks, strategic partnerships, management and solving (seemingly) unsolvable problems.

Contact: a.buchner[at]easymeeting.at

+43 (1) 406 07 60-22


Martina Kostwein-Töfferl
Marketing and Communication, Mouthpiece

Distributes moments of happiness and other thoughtful gestures. Organises, writes and helps make easymeeting the one-of-a-kind company that it is.

Contact: m.toefferl[at]easymeeting.at

+43 (1) 406 07 60

Daniela Weidlinger
Senior Planner, partner in crime

She is currently on maternity leave.

Contact: d.weidlinger[at]easymeeting.at

+43 (1) 406 07 60-21


The technicians will ensure optimal sound quality at your event:


Andreas Konrad
Technician, Partner in Crime

Is responsible for overseeing the technical aspects of your event. Brings calm and clarity.

Contact: a.konrad[at]easymeeting.at


Michael Malik
Technician, Breath of Fresh Air

Is responsible for new technologies and for overseeing the technical aspects of your event. A bundle of energy with an endless supply of ideas.

Contact: m.malik[at]easymeeting.at



 Oliver Zinner
Technician, Pick-Me-Up

Is responsible for customer relationships and for overseeing the technical aspects of your event. Connects people and creates balance.


 Manuel Schneider
Technician, Keeper of Secrets

An expert, unflappable technician who keeps calm whatever the situation.



Humam Samakeh
Technician, Mechanic

Is responsible for overseeing the technical aspects of your event. Ensures the team keep their feet on the ground.